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 Akaelectric Group.

Aka Electric factories started their activity in 1986 with the production of various types of light electric motors and then in 1996 it officially entered the field of production of various types of home appliances.

All-plastic water coolers and washing machines equipped with suspension systems were the innovations of this production unit, which were stopped due to the uncontrolled influx of imports from China. Since 1999, with the invention of home vegetable shredder and then two inventions of automatic vegetable shredder blade and vegetable shredder safety system, as the first producer, we were honored to receive the standard mark.

At the same time, due to the CEO’s commitment to after-sales service with 550 after-sales service centers and a two-year unconditional warranty from the time of production, it was recognized as the best vegetable shredder brand by the people and the standard office. As a result, for three consecutive years, Aka Electric received a statue and a plaque of honor from the Tehran Standard Office as the standard model unit of Iran in 1989, 1990 and 1991.

Since all personnel, engineers and managers of Akalectric factories have tried to provide the highest quality, we are proud to receive ISO 9001 – ISO 140001 – ISO 18001 and literally implement these standards in the production line of documenting the organization and measuring after-sales service.

Recently, since 2016, we have started to produce more than 40 models of different types of trash models of modern European models. High diversity in the supply of office waste and household waste bins has made Aka Electric the largest producer of various types of waste bins.

Despite its equal quality, Akaelectric products are less than one-fifth the price of similar foreign products.

Aka Electric is currently the largest manufacturer of steel and luxury waste bins, in addition to meeting the customer’s need for beauty and homogeneous design for homes in the form of cabinet waste bins and kitchen waste bins of organizations, megalomaniacs, stores, homes, offices.

AkaElectric has produced various models of trash cans and is proud that AkaElectric products have now replaced foreign products in the ceremonial and business class halls of Imam Khomeini Airport, Mahan Airlines, five-star hospitals in Iran and many offices.

We hope that as in the past, you will be satisfied with all our products and your trust will be the main asset of our progress.

AkaElectric in the field of culture has been in the service of science, culture and technology for more than ten years with the establishment of Aka Iran large portal in the field of clean virtual space.

This unit was also honored to receiving the statue of my homeland Iran and the statue of clean cyberspace and a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Interior for the Akairan website.

The current products of this unit are home vegetable crushing machines as the first brand in the market and the leader of this industry, which with 20 years of production has always brought with it consumer satisfaction.

In its latest industrial project, the company has exploited the complete production line of sanitary waste bins for all classes, from airports, hotels, passages and organizations to homes and home consumption, which has been produced in accordance with the latest technology and modern European models.

We are proud to produce these products at one-fifth the price of Western models and even less than the price of low-quality Chinese goods. We wish to cut off dependence importing this product from foreign sources by your proud choice, dear compatriot.

Policy of Aka Electric Industrial Group:

  • Use of raw materials in accordance with factory requirements and control during the production process of products and full compliance with the quality control regulations of the organization.
  • Observance of relevant national standards for the production of all products.
  • Expanding the integrated management system of the organization by observing the requirements of the regulations and corrective and preventive measures to increase quality and productivity.
  • Obligation to comply with obligations and customer satisfaction by expanding the after-sales service network and addressing customer dissatisfaction and complaints.
  • Training of all managers and staff in order to implement the provisions of the quality system and good control.