AkaElectric home vegetable shredder, Aka vegetable shredder is the first brand in the Iranian vegetable shredder market


All kinds of acaelectric vegetable shredder

3 kg vegetable shredder or model 3000

2 kg vegetable shredder or Sahand 2000 model

1.5 kg vegetable shredder or 1500 Sahand model
Why should a vegetable shredder be standard?
Electric vegetable chopper is one of the household appliances needed by most families. The rotation speed of the blades of this device is about 1400 rpm and it can be very dangerous if safety measures are not taken on it. For this reason, full compliance with the standard is required for this device. The best safety is not to turn on the machine when removing the door and inserting and removing the blade without hand contact and not having access to the blades while working from the vegetable gutter, and the input power and protection microswitch in the device to disconnect and connect it.

As the name implies, this is a machine that is used for chopping vegetables and usually consists of two main parts, the vegetable chopper motor that is located at the bottom and the other is the vegetable chopping tank that is located at the top of the machine. To take. In some models, it has been seen that these two parts are made in one piece and are not washable.

These vegetable shredders are usually made of steel sheet. It has a double-edged steel blade and works with an electric motor at 1400 rpm

The invention of the vegetable shredder safety system) Aka Electric Industrial Group for the vegetable shredder product is the invention of a safety system for turning on the shredded vegetable shredder, which is turned on with just a finger on the door of the machine and the consumer of shredder vegetables will never be endangered. Due to the image of the patent license, all the rights of this patent are exclusively in the possession of the patent owner and other manufacturers can use this invention by contacting this company and obtaining a legal license.

(Invention of automatic vegetable shredder blade) AkaElectric Industrial Group for vegetable shredder product is an automatic blade maker for home vegetable shredder, in which Aka vegetable shredder blades are inserted and removed without the need to fasten nuts, according to the patent image of all rights of this Registration is the exclusive property of the patent owner and other manufacturers can use this invention by contacting this company and obtaining a legal license.

What is the meaning of the invention of the automatic blade which is exclusive to Aka Electric?

As you can see in the picture, the acaelectric vegetable shredder does not need to fasten the nut on the razor.

Other models on the market that are shown in the picture with the arrow, you have to hold the very sharp blade with one hand and open and close the nut with the other hand, which is a very difficult and dangerous job.





Aka Electric Founder of home vegetable shredder in Iran Aka vegetable shredders are the only vegetable shredder equipped with automatic blade in Iran, the only Iranian production unit that has been honored with the National Statue of Quality by the Standards Office for three consecutive years.

Durable and powerful engine
. Washable tank
. Stainless steel razor
☑️ Superior quality
☑️ Beautiful design

☑️ More safety

If you want to buy a good gift for your mother or spouse, if you want to make a useful and lasting gift from kitchen appliances and satisfy your mother or spouse and be sure that your gift will make them last happy aka Draws your attention to the following points:

Guide video on using acaelectric shredder

Greetings and congratulations on joining AkaElectric family, we will inform you a few tips for the optimal use of AkaElectric vegetable shredder, and we hope we can satisfy you more with the correct information:

1-Contents with Acaelectric vegetable chopper: Inside your vegetable chopper, a blade sharpener – a spatula for stirring vegetables – a guide card and authorized after-sales service centers – an educational VCD – There is one warranty carton containing 4 warranty coupons. Note that the warranty card must have the official hologram label of Aka Electric Company.

2- How to use acaelectric vegetable shredder

A: First, turn the blade of your vegetable shredder a little counterclockwise and take it out (invention number one Aka to patent number 55139 for removing the nut and ease of opening and closing the shredder blades) then clamps Remove the side of the device and wash the tank

B: Wet the sharpener and sharpen it several times below and on the edge of the blades in the direction of the blade arc. The blade of your machine is made of steel and does not need to be sharpened by a knife sharpener. Note that Sharpening the blades, except for the stone that comes with the machine, will damage the blades

A: Dry the vegetables completely after washing and when pouring into the vegetable eating tank, pour it into the machine from above as a spray. Note that if your vegetable noodles have long stems, cut it in half with a knife and never put the vegetables inside. Do not squeeze the device.

D: Whenever you see that the vegetables in the food tank are not pulled down well or your blade is slowed down or you put the vegetables in the machine in a compressed state, the vegetable strings are tied together in a compressed state and prevent the vegetables from going down to The side of the rotating blades of the vegetables are crushed and this action will cause the underlying layers of vegetables to be too chopped and the chopped vegetables to be uneven, so it is better to avoid pouring too much load into the tank.

E: Whenever the engine of the machine is stopped while chopping vegetables, immediately raise your hand to turn off the engine, then reduce the load of the machine or sharpen the blades, continuing the continuous method in the grip mode will cause the engine to burn.

And: Aka Electric Vegetable Grinder has a powerful 180 watt motor and the heat of the body of the machine is normal for chopping 20 kg of vegetables. If your amount of vegetables is more than this amount, wait 30 minutes for each 20 kg of chopping to cool the machine. This will extend the life of the machine motor.

Note that your vegetable chopper motor will never weaken, so whenever you see, it does not simply chop small and dry vegetables or the machine gets stuck, just sharpen the blade of the machine from the back and front with a stone sharpener inside the machine. This blade It can not be sharpened by external sharpeners and will damage your blade, and contact the company whenever you need a spare blade or blade replacement.

The correct way to sharpen the chopping vegetable blade As you can see in the picture, place the stone on it at a low angle so as not to damage the edge of the blade, then move it outwards in the direction of the blade arc. Sharpen

Technical specifications of Aka vegetable shredder
The electrical characteristics on the plate are as follows: Voltage: 220 volts Frequency: 50 Hz Power consumption: 330 watts Engine speed: 1400 rpm for motor rotation: counterclockwise (left)

Vegetable shredder safety tips

1- Do not make the device available to children.

2- Use devices with standard mark.

3- The gutter door does not open from the outside. So do not try to open it.

4- The blade of the device is very sharp and must be extremely careful
Do it when moving and washing it.

5. Do not immerse the engine compartment in water.

6- Do not use the device when the blade slows down.

7- After chopping a maximum of 15 to 20 kg of vegetables, rest the engine to cool completely.

8- After finishing the work, unplug the plug.

Good news for buyers of Aka vegetable shredders

Informs that the educational video of Aka Electric products was prepared, which was made available by clicking on the guide for using Aka shredder.
This educational guide has been prepared with the acting of talented film and television artists Mr. Omid Zandegani and Ms. Rozita Ghaffari and the loud voice of Mr. Baghi and directed by Mr. Saeed Taghdasi. Provides valuable educational, maintenance and comparison tips on the use of Aka vegetable crusher.
On behalf of the management, we thank these dear artists

Price list of acaelectric vegetable shredders

Supplied in welfare chain stores, reliance, cultural cooperatives and reputable home appliance cooperatives
If you do not have access to AKA products, you can contact the company, the nearest sales center will be introduced to your location. Or you will be sent from the head office to Tehran office

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