Types of office waste bins

Today, with the employment of women alongside men in offices and organizations and the beginning and end of office work, it can be boldly acknowledged that the hours of waking up and living at work are much longer than at home. Keeping the work environment of offices and organizations beautiful and dynamic and lively will cause much more efficiency for the employees of that unit and will bring more efficiency and effectiveness for economic enterprises. In this regard, Aka Electric, as the largest manufacturer of office waste bins, has produced the most beautiful office waste bins for the needs of every organization, institution and administrative body.

Akaelectric office waste bins with ergonomics and beautiful design adorn the work environment of offices, organizations, hospitals, megamalls

Akaelectric Factories Industrial Group is a manufacturer of office waste bins in the following categories:



Production of various types of office pedal bins

Pedal Trash or Pedal Trash with a Slab This type of office fin tray normally closes with the lid open only when the trash can is opened when the user steps on the pedal. Used: Hospital Pedal Trash – Pedal Trash Office – Pedal trash Hospital Infectious Diseases Ward – Pedal trash Wet waste – Pedal trash is the sanitary service of offices and corporate trash This type of trash can be produced from 30 liters to 3 liters of steel, depending on the need, the majority of this The buckets have a sliding lid.

Types of trash cans thrown or shot between with the door open

Office Model Trash Shot Model Between the name, as the name implies, the garbage is thrown by the user and the bin does not have a lid. It does not have any manual contact with the trash and throws its garbage from a distance. AkaElectric is the only manufacturer of this bin in accordance with the international standards of office waste bins in three models of office waste bins, shot between chrome and gold and copper – shot bin model cup between black and silver, which in addition in terms of diameter These office buckets are produced in two diameters of 36 cm and 30 cm and in terms of liter from 15 liters to 45 liters.

AkaElectric is the largest manufacturer of office waste bins with dozens of models and sizes for each unique need and taste. Office, hotel, hospital, organizational waste bins are all made in accordance with modern European standards.

AKA office waste bins are produced in a great variety and according to the needs of each consumer and are designed for different environments. In general, AKA office steel waste bins can be divided into two parts: pedal trash and pedal trash: