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AkaElectric is the largest manufacturer of various types of pedal bins in Iran with various varieties


All families produce some garbage during the day and night, which is divided into several different parts, so to buy a trash can, you need to know your type of garbage.
One type of waste that we deal with most is ordinary waste, which includes plastic waste – paper waste – ceramic waste – ceramic and glass waste, and in general dry and wet waste.

One of the features of a pedal trash can is the non-interference of the hands and feet using the door to open the bin and the fact that the lid of the pedal trash cans is always closed.

One of the best manufacturers of pedal trash cans is aka electric Company, which currently has the most sales of pedal trash of this company is related to pedal trash cans, which has different types.
Aka Electric pedal trash can is one of the best trash cans in Iran, zero to one hundred of which are domestically produced. Aka Electric is a manufacturer of hospital waste bins and hospital pedal bins, hotel pedal bins, corporate pedal bins, airport pedal bins and kitchen pedal bins.


Aka Electric trash can door has a restraint that closes gently after releasing the pedal

Aka Electric trash can has an inner bucket and is washable and can be easily removed. Aka Electric pedal bin is made of steel and has a very beautiful front and stainless front with anti-stain and anti-rust coating.

 Aka Electric has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, and all buckets produced by this company have a 2-year unconditional warranty, as well as parts, bins and trash tools.

Abundantly produced in the country and guarantees up to 10 years of after-sales service with more than 550 official after-sales service centers

Aka Electric Manufacturer of 3 liter stainless steel pedal bin – 5 liter stainless steel pedal bin – 12 liter pedal bin – 15 liter pedal bin – 20 liter pedal bin – 25 liter pedal bin and 30 liter bin Is a liter