Wall and floor steel toilet brush

Wall and floor steel toilet brush

Steel aka electric washbasin is designed in the Netherlands and can be installed on the wall or on the floor. This toilet brush is considered a luxury product.

Aka redesigned toilet brush is one of the prominent western brands that is sold in the market at a price of millions. This toilet brush has a dense brush with two colors, gray and black, which has a dazzling beauty. The outer body of the toilet brush is made of steel. It is stainless and there is a glass collector inside it, and unlike the common examples in the market, the floor does not have a hole and prevents dirty water from dripping from the washcloth after washing.


In addition, the acaelectric washbasin can be installed on the wall or placed on the floor and is released by rotating the floor attached to the wall by 15 degrees. This unique feature is very helpful for toilets that have a small space.


The coating on the steel sheet is of anti-finger or anti-fingerprint type and is produced in two models of matte and glossy steel. The steel cylindrical body of the brush is welded and at the mouth and end of the brush, using a combination of plastic and steel, it has doubled its beauty.

Akairan Factory Group, producer of various types of steel toilet brushes, wall-mounted toilet brush in different and beautiful colors

Aka Electric Toilet Brush

Aka washbasin is designed for washing toilet surfaces. You can prepare the toilet brush individually or as a toilet bucket and brush service.
This product includes a strong insole in the form of a circle and a handle with a brush. Also, a cylindrical stainless steel case with a durable plastic lid covers the internal components of the product and keeps them clean.

This product has a suitable quality and occupies a small space of the toilet as standing or can be installed on the wall. The toilet brush is completely placed and covered in the relevant compartment and the only part left is the product handle. The washbasin also has a water collection bowl inside the steel chamber
Toilet brush hair is two colors
The very new design of the Aka toilet wash brush makes it easy to clean the side surfaces.
The material of the steel body of the product is such that stains and fingerprints do not remain on it and it is stainless.

Weight 740 grams
Suitable for cleaning toilets and Iranian toilets
Stainless steel material
Has a mounting base on the wall
Has anti-stain anti-finger coating
Packaging dimensions: 13 × 13.5 × 46 cm
Brush length 40 cm