38 liter touch door stainless steel trash can – ekaelectric

Touch stainless steel bin 38 liters Trash is one of the items that can be seen in the kitchen, room, bathroom, etc. Material, dimensions, weight, pedals, etc. are important points in choosing a bucket that you should pay attention to. Of course, shape and appearance are also important because it changes the look of your kitchen or office and organizational halls. This bucket, like other akalectric products, has stainless steel with a guarantee and anti-stain stain coating and is offered in three designs: matte steel, glossy steel, and colored steel.


Attributes :

Capacity 38 liters
Length: 62 cm
Width: 36.5 cm
Detachable inner compartment
Has a push lid
Steel body material
With a very beautiful design
In two matte and glossy designs


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