Conical trash bin – 10 liters – Akaelectric

Conical bin or pot bin with steel body and design is very elegant and beautiful and is designed for dry waste. This bin is excellent and suitable in the dentist’s office, under the office desk, toilet paper holder, and hotel service bin. .

The capacity of the conical steel bin is between 10 liters. This model or the price of one third of the imported western price is offered and in terms of quality, it is no different from the western sample.

The body of the trash can is made of steel and has an anti-finger or anti-stain and anti-rust coating.

Paper and dry waste cone trash, suitable for use in the bedroom of homes and halls, offices, schools, dentists and offices, etc. with a beautiful design and small volume


Product Specifications:

• Stainless steel for making steel products (with anti-stain and fingerprint properties).

• Has a detachable plastic ring at the top of the trash can and easy placement of nylon trash and cover the inside of the trash.

• Existence of a suitable bucket insole and prevention of wear due to contact with surfaces.

• Using high quality raw materials in the production of components, to maintain product quality.

• ISO 9001-14001-18001

• 10 years after-sales service.


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