Aka Electric Inventor of Automatic Blade Vegetable Crusher 4791

Aka Electric Inventor of Automatic Blade Vegetable Crusher 4791

Introducing the common blades existing in vegetable shredders

What is very important in the use of household products is the safety of using the device. Products such as home vegetable shredder are among those products that should have the highest safety and standard in Be used.

Commonly, the blade used in home vegetable shredders is such that in order to open it, we must hold a fin blade with one hand and be very careful, and tighten the nut with the other hand.

Vegetable chopper blade opening system without need to hold the blade with the other hand

The mechanism designed in this system is such that there is no need for a lock nut or clamp (used in Moulinex blades) to hold the blade firmly in place. Place yourself on the motor shaft of the machine and rotate it 30 degrees to the right. Turn 30 degrees to the left by hand and get out of place. In this method, the slightest contact between the hand and the blade does not occur. It means 100% safety in opening and closing the vegetable chopper.

Ease and speed of opening the chopping vegetable blade

As mentioned above, the design of the vegetable shredder blade is such that it has no contact with the consumer’s hand and is only tightened by being in place and rotating 30 degrees. In addition to the listed advantage, the ease of opening and closing the blade should be added to it, because with this method, there is no need to use nuts or clamps and locks, and it maximizes the ease of use.

Ease of emptying chopped vegetables is one of the items that has received less attention in making chopped vegetables

In addition to the items mentioned above, the ease of opening and closing the chopped vegetable blade makes it possible for the consumer to remove the chopped vegetables from the blade each time it is emptied, which in turn facilitates the ease and ease of emptying the chopped vegetables.

(Invention No. 1) AkaElectric Industrial Group for vegetable crushing product has invented a safety system for turning on vegetable crushing without a key, which is turned on with just a finger on the door of the machine and the consumer of vegetable crushing will never be endangered, according to the picture. Patent License All rights reserved to the patent owner and other manufacturers can use this invention by contacting the company and obtaining a legal license.