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The use of vegetable shredder causes; Save your time and chop a large amount of vegetables in a short time. In addition, your hands may be damaged and cut during the vegetable crushing process, which minimizes the risk of using this device. Chopping vegetables is healthier.

vegetable shredder is an extremely efficient device for all women in the world, with the help of which they can chop all kinds of vegetables and use them in preparing and cooking the most delicious domestic and foreign dishes. Today, vegetable shredders are produced in various models, which is why the process of buying vegetable shredders is a little difficult and relatively complicated for people; So in the continuation of this article, join the list of twenty to get acquainted with important points about buying vegetable shredders.

Important points when buying vegetable shredder

Standard mark: To maintain your health, we suggest that you only think about buying devices that have a standard mark and do not allow the device to work and turn on until you are completely sure that the parts are connected properly. It is also important to have safety locks on devices that children may reach. Standard vegetable shredder should not be turned on without pressing the door and the drain valve should not be opened from the outside. Note that counterfeit standard seals are also available in the market in abundance. You can also check the accuracy of the badge.

Quality control certificates and ISOs: Having ISO does not mean 100% quality of vegetable shredder, but having ISO shows the manufacturer’s credibility, quality control documentation and instructions, after-sales service documentation and customer satisfaction measurement. The perspective can be considered very important that ISO 9001 is a quality control certificate ISO 14001 is a labor assessment certificate and ISO 18001 is an environmental certificate.

After-sales service: You may find less goods today that do not have a 5-year or 10-year warranty and after-sales service on the packaging or on the machine, so do not trust the seller at all, but first see if the after-sales service booklet Some models do not even have a phone line for the customer. Secondly, to see if the device you are buying in different cities has introduced an authorized service representative or not, this is a sign of the factory’s reputation. Sites such as Digi Kala or social networks look for people’s satisfaction with the purchase and service of goods, and most importantly, you can contact the factory immediately before buying and say that your device is burned or damaged, see how they react and what is their response and Or is there anyone at all for the service or not.

Having a reputable website: Nowadays, you can find less reputable factories that do not have a reputable website – the exact address of the factory and head office, telephone and contact ways, so if the vegetable does not have a chopping site or is addressless, specifications and phone, buy it immediately Do not be fooled by the cheap price or the seller’s offer

Efficiency and quality of the vegetable shredder blade: Usually all the blades are made of steel, check the sharpening quality that has been sharpened with the machine and do not pay attention to the way of closing the blade, which is easy to work with or you have to close or open the nut with difficulty.

Motor power: The proper power of the motor for vegetable chopper is 180 watts, but some manufacturers introduce power consumption or the same watt, which is between 350 to 500 watts instead of power. Ask the seller for the actual engine.

Sealing bowl in the throat of the engine: Most of the brands on the market have avoided using the felt bowl and finally put a round plastic under the head of water dispenser on the engine shaft. Note that the sealing bowl prevents water from falling on the engine and prevents Burning and electric shock are a risk for you, so ask the seller as a sensitive parameter.

Tank capacity: Usually the tank capacity for 3 kg vegetable shredders is 28 cm, 2 kg 24 cm and 1.5 kg 20 cm, and all these sizes have the same real 180 watt motor in reputable brands, so sometimes the sizes are 3.5 kg and Do not eat 4 kg, etc. under the title of home vegetable chopper

Volume of the device: Always remember that work in the kitchen should be followed in complete silence and calm, so we suggest that you go to the selection and purchase of vegetable shredders that, in addition to using their powerful motors, have a very low volume output. Some models have a very abnormal sound.

Washability: Another very important point that you must pay attention to when buying crushing machines due to the possibility of material remaining in the seam layer and cracks in the product parts, easy washability of the whole machine with the possibility of detachment and easy reconnection of machine parts to They are so that you can clean and wash the product you want after each use.

Device safety lock: To maintain your health, we suggest that you only think about buying devices that have a safety lock and do not allow the device to work and turn on until the parts are properly connected to each other. It is also important to have safety locks on devices that children may reach. The meaning of the safety lock of the microswitch installed inside the device is that it should be turned on only by pressing the door and the gutter door should not be opened from the outside and should return to its place after opening. There is an on / off switch on each brand of vegetable chopper, which means you are buying a killer. These blades rotate 1400 rpm and cut off your fingers in a fraction of a second.

Body material: All vegetables, even of poor quality and disposable on the market, are made of steel and will never rust forever. However, some manufacturers use magnets to introduce the quality of steel, saying that those who absorb the magnet will rust, but this is not true. And the steel holder or the same 430 for surfaces such as refrigerators, freezers, shredders and washing machines. There is no steel.

So far, we have learned a few tips about choosing and buying the right vegetable shredder. In the following, we have prepared a list of 17 cheap, quality and popular vegetable shredders in the Iranian market for you. All these vegetable shredders are of high quality and reasonable price. Do not forget that by clicking on the image or button of each item, you can get more images and information about the product.