How to prepare vegetable food with standard acaelectric vegetable shredder

طرز تهیه کوکو سبزی با سبزی خردکن استاندارد آکاالکتریک

what vegetable you need?

Leek: (Some people use only leek to make Kuku, which has a new taste and is very tasty. This type of kuku is called leek kuku.) Leek is used to treat diseases such as constant constipation, sour food and indigestion, obesity and It is very suitable for relieving joint pain and gout.

Parsley: Parsley can be included in the composition and it is recommended for all women.

Dill: Dill is very useful for treating indigestion and bloating. Its nature is warm. People who have severe vomiting and cannot eat dill.

Fenugreek: Dried fenugreek has a great effect on the taste of kuku. But too much is considered kuku. Be careful, of course, you can not add fresh fenugreek again. So any vegetable that you put in the kuku, remember that fenugreek should be the least amount.

Garlic with green stalks or two small cloves of garlic if desired

Coriander: Some people add coriander to their taste, which makes kuku delicious.

To make tarragon and basil fragrant (if desired) in small amounts just to be fragrant

To finely chop the vegetables, which will help make your vegetable kuku tastier, we recommend using the Acalectric vegetable chopper, which has an automatic vegetable chopper blade.

photo: papillonchef.com

Ingredients for vegetable cocoa

kuku500 gr100 gr 20 / cal
egg2 picpic / 150 cal
Salt, pepper and turmericyour wish100 gr 0 / cal
baking powderhalf spoon100 gr 163 / cal
milkone spoon100 gr 105 / cal
Barberryhalf cup100 gr 50 / cal
Walnuthalf cup100 gr 625 / cal
Lettuce leaves1 pic100 gr 4 / cal
garlic2 pic100 gr 0 / cal
oilyour wish100 gr 900 / cal

Tip about raw materials:

kuku: leeks, parsley, dill, coriander and a little fenugreek

Eggs should be white and yolk together

How to prepare vegetable kuku with walnuts and barberry

*. Pour the eggs into a bowl and mix well with a hand mixer or fork.
*. Add saffron to the egg and mix.
*. Add the eggs to the minced coco greens and stir.
*. Grate the raw potatoes and add to the ingredients and stir.
*. Grate a clove of garlic and add to the ingredients and stir.
*. Add chopped barberry and walnuts to the ingredients and stir.
*. Finally, add the spices to the ingredients and stir.
*. Pour the oil into the pan and let it heat up, then add the cocoa ingredients while the heat is high.
*. Then turn down the heat and allow one side of the cocoa to fry, then fry the other side.
*. After frying the cocoa, put it in a bowl and garnish with tomatoes and sour lemon.

photo : پارسه گرد

If you want to make this model of vegetable kuku in a mold, then read more. We have two easy methods, the first method is with the template and the second method is without the template.
Method 1: After the oil is hot, put the mold in the oil to heat and then pour the cocoa mass in it.
Method 2: After the cocoa is fried, cut it to the desired shape with a mold cutter.

how to make heart shape kuku?

The ingredients are no different and you can use the above recipe.
If we are going to use a large mold, we sprinkle the mold with a slightly greasy brush and flour and pour the kuku mass into it and cover the method with aluminum foil, but if we want to do it individually, we use the cupcake mold. do.
It can be placed inside the capsule or greased again with some oil. Put the mold in the oven for 35 to 45 minutes and let it cook. After a while, take out the mold and let it cool down and cool, then with the help of a knife, separate the edges of the kuku from the mold, and then turn the mold over and hit the back of the mold a few times to separate the kukus.