Food with vegetable chopper akaelectric

To prepare chopped vegetables, you must first know what food you want to do this. Since you need your own vegetables to prepare each food, knowing the name of these vegetables is not without merit. In this section, we are at your service by teaching you the foods that need chopped vegetables.

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qurma sabzi

One of the most popular Iranian dishes is vegetable broth. To prepare this type of vegetable, you can use Aka shredder or you can use your skills in this field and prepare a very tasty stew by preparing leek, parsley, coriander and a small amount of fenugreek.

 vegetable soup

Ash is known as an authentic Iranian food that is very delicious and is compatible with the taste of many Iranians. But to prepare this type of soup, you need to provide several types of vegetables, including leeks, parsley, coriander and spinach. If you do not have spinach, the best option is beet leaves, which have more properties than spinach.