Why should it be a standard vegetable shredder? -akaelectric

 Electric vegetable shredder is one of the household appliances needed by most families. The blade rotates at around 1400 rpm and can be very dangerous if safety precautions are not taken. For this reason, full compliance with the standard is required for this device. The best safety is having a light switch on and off for the input power and a protective microswitch in the device to turn it on and off.

Vegetable shredder safety cut

1- Do not make the device available to children.
2 – Use a vegetable chopper with a standard mark.
3 – The gutter door does not open from the outside. So do not try to open it.
4 – The blade of the device is very sharp and must be extremely careful when moving and washing it.
5 – Do not immerse the engine compartment in water.
6 – Do not use the device when the blade slows down.
7 – After chopping a maximum of 15 to 20 kg of vegetables, rest the engine to cool completely.
8 – After finishing work, unplug the plug.

Akaelectric standard vegetable shredder

Types of vegetable shredder Figure 1-4 shows two new models of standard vegetable shredder that have the following equipment: Equipped with safety microswitch and disconnect the device by removing it. Equipped with child lock. To the razor with automatic lock has a felt bowl sealed in the neck of the motor shaft. How to set up a new vegetable shredder First, the vegetables must be completely dried and sprayed in the tank of the machine. Vegetables should not be squeezed and can be stuffed up to the edge of the door. Then place the device on a special place and press the arrow on the door. This should continue until the vegetables are finely chopped. After chopping the vegetables, the hand should be removed from the machine so that the chopping vegetables are cut immediately.

Technical specifications of vegetable shredder electromotor

In Figure 4-4, you can see the plate of Aka vegetable shredder, on which the electrical specifications of the device are recorded and are as follows:

Input voltage: 220 volts Frequency: 50 Hz Power consumption: 180 watts Current intensity: 1.6 am Number of poles: 4 capacitor poles: 14 microfarads Capacitor voltage: 450 volts AC Technical specifications of a type of vegetable chopper in the form of 5-4 plates on the device You can see the acaelectric vegetable shredder, the electrical specifications of which are as follows: Voltage: 220 volts Frequency: 50 Hz Power consumption: 330 watts Engine speed: 1400 rpm for motor rotation: counterclockwise (left)

The main components of the vegetable shredder The vegetable shredder consists of the following parts:

1 – Body and base 4 – Electromotor 2 – Handle and mold 5 – Blade 3 – On and off switch 6 – Accessories Figure 6-4 shows a four-pole induction electromotor with starter capacitor µF 14. Figure 7-4 also shows a four-pole induction motor with a starting capacitor µ F 14, which is used in the vegetable chopper Figure 7-4. Figure 8-4 shows a two-plug microswitch that is responsible for starting the vegetable shredder motor, but its main function is to protect the device. In Figure 4-9, you can see a steel blade, sandpaper, and a plastic shovel, a type of shredder that uses a plastic shovel to move or stir the shredded vegetables, and sandpaper to clean the blade.

Tips for using non-standard vegetable shredder:

Figure 11-4 shows a non-standard vegetable shredder with the following technical specifications: Loading capacity of 2 kg of vegetables with a shredded vegetable drain valve. Or, as a result of the child’s playfulness, it turns on and cuts off the fingers in a fraction of a second. . According to Figure 13-4, after removing it on the machine, the blade holding nut must be held with both hands, ie one hand holds the blade and the other hand opens the nut on the blade, which is very dangerous.

:How to open and close the new standard standard electric shredder

According to Figure 4-28, the direction of motor rotation can be understood from the blade arc. In this case, the motor rotates counterclockwise. To open this type of blade, which has an automatic lock, you have to turn the blade 30 degrees counterclockwise to separate the blade. And it never poses a risk to the consumer. Remove the blade. In the standard Aka-electric shredder, it shuts off as soon as the lid is removed, and the safety microswitch prevents the device from turning on without the lid. The stud door can not be opened from the outside so the child or the consumer is never endangered