Types of trash cup bin

Cup bin trash is the best option in terms of ease of throwing garbage without touching the door. The stunning beauty of this bin gives a special effect to its surroundings. This trash is an ideal choice for office and hospital environments as well as passages as well as homes.


Shot bin bin is available in 5 sizes: 5 liter, 30 liter, 38 liter, 40 liter and 45 liter. The body of this bin is made of stainless steel and is also available for luxury environments, chrome model and steel body with electrostatic paint. It can be the best choice for cities along the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf

Cup Bin trash can is available in 9 sizes as follows
5 liters in size 36*20

15 liters in size 50*30.5

20 liters in size 60*30.5

25 liters in size 70*30.5

30 liters in size 80*30.5

30 liters in size 64*36.5

38 liters in size 69*36.5

40 liters in size 71*36.5

45 liters in size 81*36.5