Disposable glass trash bin – akaelectric

Aka Electric disposable glass trash can is made of stainless steel and with a capacity of 400 disposable glasses, it is more efficient than a trash can and creates beauty in the environment. Excess water for disposable glasses is very easy to empty and clean

*With a volume of four hundred disposable glasses


Benefits of Aka Electric Trash Bins::

The disposable round bucket bucket has four ports for placing glasses. You can use this bucket to observe hygienic items in offices, hospitals, companies and public places, etc., next to the water cooler. The body of this bucket is made of steel and at the same time it has a high strength.
With this product, you will be relieved of the large volume of disposable glasses, and by placing the glasses together, a much smaller volume is occupied and it is much easier to empty it.

. This bucket is made in one piece and it must be tilted to empty it to be emptied

Product features:

24 months warranty
Stainless steel
Moisture resistant with anti-stain coating (anti-finger)
Proper height of this bucket makes it easy to use.
Steel body and resistant to scratches and stains
Beautiful appearance next to the water cooler
Easy to clean
Has an inner bucket

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