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 akaelectric Vegetable shredder model 3000 is the best-selling size of shredder vegetable and is very suitable. All models of Aka vegetable shredder have a 180 watt motor and the only difference with the size of 2 kg is 4 cm higher tank height, and 8 cm is higher than 1.5 kg tall tank height. And make more uniform vegetables.

Akaelectric vegetable shredders represent the national safety standard of Iran and Aka unit is a sample of the standard standard in observing superior quality in the years 1389 – 1390-1391

The best gift for mothers and wives

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Aka Electric has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and three standard consecutive quality standard units.

If you want to buy a good gift for your mother or spouse, if you want to make a useful and lasting gift from kitchen utensils and satisfy your mother or spouse and be sure that your gift will make them lasting happiness. Note the following:

*Keyless start system with door push

Larger vegetable shredders are more popular and have the highest level of customer statistics in terms of sales statistics. Due to the large volume of vegetables, the number of times the tank is filled and emptied in larger sizes is less and the approximate time to crush a tank is less than 30 seconds and you can fill the vegetable tank to the brim without squeezing. The blade is made of steel and the tank Detachable and washable.

1 – The capacity of the vegetable tank is 28 cm

2- 180 watt motor power
3- Capacity equal to the capacity of the tank without squeezing the vegetables
4- Equipped with safety microswitch and lighting with door pressure
5- Equipped with a razor with automatic lock without the need to close the nut and open the razor easily
6- Equipped with safety system in the drain valve (child lock)
7- The body of the device and the blade are made of high quality Spanish steel
8- Easy opening and closing of the tank for washing
9- Dimensions without packaging 550 * 240
10- Dimensions with 320 x 540 carton
11- Weight with 8 kg package

12- Two-year warranty and 10-year service with an extensive after-sales service network throughout Iran
Has a patent license number 55146 for the immune system
Has a patent license number 55139 for automatic blade


The price of Aka 3 kg vegetable shredder for the consumer

Supplied in welfare chain stores, reliance, cultural cooperatives and reputable home appliance cooperatives
If you do not have access to AKA products, you can contact the company, the nearest sales center will be introduced to your location. Or you will be sent from the head office to Tehran office

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For ordering or more information, you can call +982177739477 or contact us via email info@akaelectric.ir.